Xplana: an innovative social learning and digital content distribution platform

Position your students for continued academic success with Xplana, the latest in institutional learning that combines an extensive social learning framework with the most advanced eBook Reader in education

With Xplana, your students can create their own learning space to organize and aggregate their own resources with their course content from your school. And by allowing students to create, customize and edit content, the Xplana platform provides students the ability to manage their course materials in a way that aligns with their unique learning style.

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Accessible via any Web browser, this social learning platform allows your students to stay closely connected to your faculty and their classmates—creating a cohesive online learning environment.

  • Personalized home space: stores all content and organizes your students’ academic lives; provides journals and portfolios for professional development for your students and faculty
  • Course building feature: allows you to upload syllabi, notes, and other materials and associate them with your school’s courses
  • Digital content learning library: provides your students 100,000s of free learning assets (Web pages, videos, audio clips and more)
  • Content creation tools: empower your students and faculty to create or upload new resources for their courses (study guides, flash cards and more)
  • Albums: collect pieces of related content and tie them to a course
  • Study groups: facilitate collaborative work for your students and allow you to monitor their progress outside the classroom
  • Communities: connect your faculty to their colleagues, as well as other subject matter experts

Going far beyond the note taking and highlighting all other formats offer, Xplana’s eReader and eBooks support:

  • Rich multimedia: learning videos, audio clips, animations and more
  • Practice activities: students can gauge their understanding of key concepts on the spot
  • Annotation manager: convenient access to notes, customized highlights and other annotations
  • Keyword search: easy reference to a particular passage, concept or term
  • Shared annotations: students may share notes with classmates using the same book
  • Comments and ratings: rate or comment on students’ notes to provide feedback in real-time
  • Downloadable version: supports work in an offline environment–all edits sync to the online platform the next time your students log in